Thursday, July 07, 2011

Timeless Wisdom @Twitter

There are people in this world who see that world in a way that others do not, who have the gift of imagination, and the will to bring it to bear in the marketplace of ideas. Tom Corsillo is a publicist, competitive air guitarist, and sesquipedalian, who lives in New York City. He has shared some important insights gained from a recent high-profile murder trial -- and, in so doing, has met his match.

The biggest takeaway from the Casey Anthony trial is we now know what we've long suspected. People with two first names can't be trusted.
Wed 06 Jul 23:00

@tom9d What about three? like uh, Paul David Alexander?
Wed 06 Jul 23:28

@fender_splendor The third one reverses it. That makes you extra trustworthy.
Thu 07 Jul 09:17

From the D, to the P: you're welcome.

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