Sunday, April 04, 2010

Gloria.TV News

“Praised be Jesus Christ ...”

Beginning today, viewers of man with black hat will be able to watch a daily videocast of Catholic news from around the world.

Gloria.TV began operation in May of 2007, as “the Catholic pulpit on the internet.” The voice of Gloria.TV News is Moldovian journalist Doina Buzut, who is featured here in the 2007 inaugural video. Joining her in this venture are Father Markus Doppelbauer of Austria, Father Reto Nay of Switzerland, and Lucia Starinski. Each day, a new two- to three-minute report will be featured at the top of the blue sidebar. They include segments featuring reports from various authors in the Catholic blogosphere. The team at Gloria.TV will also continue to be featured in our main content area for special programming.

We at mwbh have been looking for a feature such as this for quite some time, and are delighted to use the rising of Easter morning to bring it to our audience.

POSTSCRIPT: The videocast is refreshed daily, Monday through Friday, at approximately 1500 hours (3:00 pm) Greenwich Mean Time, or 11:00 am Eastern USA Daylight Time.

POST-POSTSCRIPT: Come to think of it, they might be on their Easter break. Any day now, guys ...

Christus Resurrexit! Sicut dixit, alleluia!

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