Thursday, April 15, 2010

Where have you gone, Oliver Wendell Holmes?

Before you run to the Post Office tonight to mail those tax forms before the midnight deadline (or in the case of some locations, early closure to cut costs that are not relieved by paying MORE taxes), we hope you have the opportunity to watch this one-minute tribute to the system of taxation that has made America what it is today. You might also want to ponder why politically-conscious singer-songwriters and running-off-at-the-mouth rap artists were never outraged over the scene depicted at 0:46 in the first clip.

People like to complain about government getting too big. I've always asked my readers this: What are you willing to give up for smaller government? It's the question that has to be asked of everyone who ever attended one of those "tea parties" at one time or another. Whether it's keeping your grandma's Medicare benefits just the way they are, or subsidizing that highway extension to the new Walmart where you and the wife and ten homeschooled kids can be seen every Friday night, there are some choices to be made.

Or we can keep things just the way they are. What's it gonna be, America?

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