Monday, April 05, 2010

Sone Guy Talks To Meghan McCain

Meghan McCain recently appeared at George Washington University here in DC. Lee Doren is a local attorney, activist and political commentator. I'll let him do his own explaining in the video clip, of what he thought of her presentation, with the addition of this comment from "Illinidiva":

Ugh ... As I said before, it would be a good thing if the McCains cut up that girl’s platinum Visa card and made her get a real job rather than being a political celebutant. It’s strange that both of the McCain boys are in the military and are serving in Iraq/ Afghanistan, but Meghan is allowed to spend her trust fund, make inane comments on T.V., and generally make a fool of herself. (March 29, 2010 at 4:57 PM)

While I don't agree with everything the video commentator says, it is further evidence, that the only reason anyone pays the slightest attention to Meghan McCain, is because of who her father is. She does not have something to say, only a need to say something.

This presentation courtesy of the YouTube channel HowTheWorldWorks.

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