Thursday, April 08, 2010

How's your “love” life?

I love babies. Oh, we all do, but not like I do.

When I see a crying baby on the bus, I'll walk right up to it. To the astonishment of the parent, I'll say something like: “Hey, you! Yeah, you! They can hear you all the way over there, you know that? How am I supposed to get any sleep on this bus if you don't stop that ... hey, that's right, I'm talking to YOU, buster!” The child is usually so astonished that he or she gives the parent some peace and quiet for at least several minutes after I'm done. And I go back to sleep.

Sometimes I see a particular little three-year-old on my bus, with his mother. "Sam" (not his real name) is my pal. "Sam" likes to sit on my lap, and play with my black hat. I don't just let anybody play with my black hat. Paul was a lot of fun at that age. He climbed trees, knew eighteen makes of cars, and loved to hang out with his dad. It ends all too quickly, everyone would tell me. Too quickly, indeed, I would say.

Matthew Warner “wanted to make a short video that might, in a small way, help people better connect the political issue of abortion to the reality of abortion.” This is the result.

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