Monday, April 12, 2010

Just Another Manic Monday

For those of you who follow the news (specifically here in the States), there is a Nuclear Summit Conference in Washington today and tomorrow, being held at the Washington Convention Center, located just northwest of the Capitol. Obviously they assume that anything that can happen, will. So the area has been cordoned off, and Federal workers were encouraged either to take annual leave, or telework from home. The scare really worked, because the commute was way too easy for a Monday morning, and there's hardly anybody here at the office.

I'm located not far from the World Bank, so every year when they decide to hold a big soiree, we go through the same drill. And what for? So less than one hundred bohemian rich kids can walk down Pennsylvania Avenue carrying signs protesting the ill-gotten gains by corporate giants against the poor that pads their trust funds and keeps Mummy in botox, surrounded by nearly TWO hundred policemen, cameramen, and reporters.

Say what you will about it, I love this country. HOO-rah!

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