Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ron Paul: The Voice of Reason

It is possible that Ron Paul could have been a contender in the last Presidential election. He continues to do very well in Republican straw polls, and when presented in a fair and balanced manner to young people (we have a special program in mind that was on MTV in 2008), he does better than the "mainstream" candidates. He also won early support from many traditional Catholics.

To hear some tell it, he seems to become unhinged when he starts talking about matters that smack of conspiracy theories, the stuff of people wearing tinfoil hats. It is a shame, because it is at this point that the issues take a back seat to perception, and perception leads to the victory of style over substance. Is it the media or the status quo of the GOP, that is Ron Paul's worst enemy? Or is it Ron Paul?

In this clip, Paul explains how the mainstream media's criticism of the "Tea Party movement" is completely overblown. Or should we say, unhinged?

Read more about it at Politico.com

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ryanshaunkelly said...

In '92 & '96
H Ross Perot said
Time to clean out the barn
The Tea Party is sick of both corrupt parties
Honest men & women work well together
Liberty is on the move at the local level
The battle for the soul of the Tea Party

Suffer not
The paralysis of your neighbor
Suffer not
But extend your hand