Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Life on Earth

Thomas Peters of American Papist (the one who is "not your average Catholic" and I have no idea what that means), and his parent site CatholicVoteAction.org, is engaged in an ambitious and vigorous campaign to eliminate legalized abortion in the USA.

According to Peters:

I’m gradually coming to agree with those who strongly believe that, in my lifetime, we will see Roe v. Wade overturned. So I am beginning to try to prepare for the national debate that reversal promises to spark.

Why do I think we are being successful in killing abortion? Let’s take a quick tour ...

This campaign will culminate on Earth Day, the 22nd of April, when Catholics will be called upon to take a break from dancing naked in a circle around the Goddess Tree to celebrate the usual Earth-Mother-Spirit-Rising, and “celebrate Nature's Greatest Gift.” Gloria.TV reports: “The authors hope this will create a positive conversation about the relationship between caring for the Earth and caring for the most vulnerable on the earth – like the unborn who will be the future custodians of the Earth.” The transit bus billboards should be appearing in Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Any day now.

(UPDATE: More about the video at HotAir.com.)

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