Wednesday, April 28, 2010


PHOTO: Author tries to stay awake during procession. Palm Sunday, 2009. (Sarah Campbell)

We here at man with black hat (mwbh) would like to welcome any new readers to this corner of the blogosphere, especially those who found us through the "On Faith" column of the Washington Post, as well as our learned Jesuit colleague from Seattle who is the author of Liturgy Reflections. We should also welcome readers of, as well as @tweetcatholic. If you read our tagline above ("the daily musings ..."), and that part of the sidebar entitled "Reason D'Etre," you have an idea of what this endeavor is about.

Whatever has brought you here, we hope you enjoyed the piece on the recent Pontifical Mass at the National Shrine here in Washington, entitled “Stairway to Heaven”, which may be one of the few insider accounts of the event in the Catholic blogosphere.

mwbh is not like a lot of so-called "Catholic blogs," in being devoted exclusively to "church chat." There is more to being Catholic than either being in church or talking about it. This is also not the place to find the same stories that five or six other bloggers are writing. If we write about whatever is current in the Church and in the world, we want you to find a semblance of insightful commentary that you will not find elsewhere. Insight takes time. It also takes place most effectively after some of the noise dies down elsewhere.

We hope you like it that way. Stay tuned, and stay in touch.


Rick said...

If it were extraordinary form, I wonder if they would have let you wear your black hat.

David L Alexander said...

As a master of ceremonies, I am essentially a minor cleric. But I don't rate a biretta, not in this neck of the woods. I have a little black zucchetto, but they won't let me wear that either. They haven't complained about my new cassock with the cuffs and banded cincture -- yet.

Joe said...

I don't think your 'learned Jesuit colleague' is a Jesuit, although he went to school with them at one point.