Thursday, February 25, 2010

Berlin Revisited

Last week, we reported on the collapse of a roof of a New Jersey parish rectory, in a piece entitled “Ich bin ein Berliner!” We wanted to show you some pictures of the damage. You can click on the images here for a better look. The claims adjuster visited the parish on Monday, so things were very hectic there, or we would have had this report for you sooner. We ask for prayers to Our Lady, Seat of Wisdom, that those responsible for assessing the damage for insurance purposes conduct themselves in a just and fair manner.

Meanwhile, the response from outside the parish boundaries has been overwhelming. An early estimation puts the amount at roughly fifteen hundred dollars, as of last night. This is based on one-time submissions from outside the parish, and thus may be attributed to our appeal, and that of others in the Catholic blogosphere who have passed our message along. Father Pasley is reported to be deeply moved by the kindness of those whom he has never met. We here at mwbh will continue to provide updated information.

Speaking of things being hectic, the weather took a surprising turn, and there is a sudden snowstorm in New Jersey. School is being let out early, and the parish staff is taking the necessary precautions, so our information remains sketchy. Meanwhile, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday this week are the "Ember Days" of this season. Father has entertained seminarians from all over the country who come to see him. He has asked for prayers for an abundance of vocations.

If you are moved to assist, or to continue earlier assistance, please send your checks to: Mater Ecclesiae Roman Catholic Church, 261 Cross Keys Road, Berlin NJ 08009-9431. Or you can go to the parish Paypal account:

Should you decide to send a check, be sure to write in the lower left hand corner (or, with Paypal, in the comments box), the words “Ich bin ein Berliner.”

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