Friday, February 05, 2010


The image here is from the last big one in late December. This is what it looks like right about now. And we've got nearly 24 hours of this to go. I looked outside tonight. A lone figure was walking down the road, when I called out to him. He said he was lovin' it.

Meanwhile, someone is calling this a sequel of the end of the world, or something. Go figure.

This time around, things have changed. We’re up against the mother of all storms. If you haven’t got your toilet paper and eggs, you may not survive.

Watch this space. I’ll let you know how you can survive the DC Snowpocalypse2 and come out the other side, even if you don’t have a snow shovel.

There's more. Naturally this guy "Ron Ford" has a Twitterfeed: And if you really can't get enough, there's a group on Facebook.

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