Saturday, February 13, 2010

Your Funny Valentine!

Gentlemen, it is that time of year, when a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of making a total ass of himself. This occasion is known in polite company as “Valentine’s Day!”

Many at Saint Blog's Parish are familiar with the (in)famous Katrina Fernandez, who first made waves in 2006, by announcing her availability to the Catholic blogosphere for the purposes of courtship, including having her picture taken next to a bishop. You just can't get a better endorsement than that. The woman known as “The Crescat” is also the owner/operator (and frequent winner) of her own annual blog award ceremony, “The Caroline Cannonball Awards.” Her many pictures of fine imagery of the Catholic and Orthodox artistic heritage, and the occasional rapier witticisms, have brought nearly four hundred thousand visitors to her blog site in a measly four and a half years. (After seven and a half years, we estimate about two-thirds that number to mwbh. Heh!)

But alas, as much as she tries to hide the pain ...

reason's to hate valentine's day, part 1 ... because the only time in my entire life that I ever received flowers was when everyone thought I was dying.

... she is broken-hearted at the prospect of another Valentine's Day coming and going. No flowers, no evening of dinner and dancing, no weekend jaunt to the Cayman Islands awaits our heroine. It is such a shame, as she has all that a young man could possibly want; a gorgeous appearance, a brilliant intellect, a promising nursing career, and that slightly crazed look in most of her photos.

Well, are we going to stand for this???

It's time for all you fine upstanding Catholic gentlemen out there to stand up and be counted, and Send The Crescat A Valentine! That's right, fellas. If you can find her mailing address in Charlotte, North Carolina, a minimum of one dozen long stemmed red roses for a blue lady would be welcome. Or go to Blue Mountain or any other site you choose, and send this girl the best wishes for the occasion. You can even send her a tweet. What girl doesn't want that? (She also has a Paypal account. You could just send money to finance her trip to Malta to stalk the Pope. Whatever.)

Think of this as an opportunity to spread the love you have to share, and to bring some measure of happiness to my Close and Personal Friend, who is all good, and deserving of all your love.

Of course, if I did it, Sal would kill me.

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