Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ode to Mother Teresa

Later this year, the United States Postal Service is supposed to release a postage stamp honoring Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who won the Nobel Prize after accomplishing something. Whoever said life was fair, huh?

In the last twenty years I've owned four cars. There is only one bumper sticker I ever put on them. It is black with gold lettering, a quotation from Mother Teresa: “It is a poverty to decide that A CHILD MUST DIE so that you may live as you wish.” No one among the politically-correct of my acquaintance has ever given me a hard time over it. Probably because I'd kick their ass.

That didn't stop whoever left his note on my car in the parking lot today.

True! But it is also BS that some people have child after child without thought as to if they can afford them. Their selfish choices are the true "poverty." My husband and I are 33 and can almost afford to have a child. We will once its certain we can afford it w/out burdening others.

For a couple like this even one child is perceived as a burden. Maybe they'd endorse the government running credit checks before having permission to get pregnant. Maybe that's in the proposed health care plan, you think? Does it occur to people that when they get old they might conceivably be a burden to their children, especially if they're raised with an attitude like this?

My generation may be the one to learn this lesson the hard way. Still, I'm not sure how I'd respond if somebody came up to me at the car and said this. Maybe I'd ask them if they would have been willing to be aborted if they were determined to be a burden to their mother.

Then again, I'd probably just kick their ass.

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