Monday, February 08, 2010

Making Note of the Obvious

When I was a kid, I would make notes on my hand, maybe a phone number or something. It drove my eighth-grade teacher to distraction. Maybe that was the beauty of it, but there are times when I do it even today, as an alternative to sticking little post-it notes, to the inside of my datebook, or my ID badge. You'd think I'd have all this on my phone by now, wouldn't you? Well, almost.

Sarah Palin, former Governor of Alaska, is a big hit on the lecture circuit. A string of appearances from sea to shining sea has energized the "tea party" movement nationwide, and is mobilizing a base of conservatives and independents, who say they have had enough of the status quo in Washington. She also was caught keeping "crib notes" on her hand for her recent appearance in Nashville. You can see her being rather self-effacing about it. You can also see Andrea Mitchell, who doesn't bat an eyelash when the President needs a pair of teleprompter to speak to an elementary school class, going totally ballistic over six words scribbled on someone's hand.

A fellow-reporter reminds her that "we've all done notes." Hey, there's a big difference between keeping a few bullet points discreetly hidden, and not being able to form a sentence without a barrage of audio-visual aids for the whole world to see. Make a note of THAT, Missus Smartypants!

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