Wednesday, February 10, 2010


The blizzard started up early this morning, and was particularly hazardous in the afternoon. Baltimore was outlawing non-emergency vehicles on the streets, and although I never heard anything specific, I suspect Virginia, Maryland, and the District were handling it likewise. There was a fifty-car pileup in Williamsburg, probably due to being unable to see more than a quarter-mile in front of you, combined with 30 to 40 mile per hour winds. There were also a few tractor-trailers jack-knifed on I-95 (the main highway along the eastern seaboard) south of the Capital Beltway.

Here at Chez Alexandre, our power hasn't gone out. But for a few minutes, our high-end cable service was getting its feed only intermittently. Pretty scary.

We were unable (or maybe just too lazy) to venture out today. But we did get a video clip from one of our devoted readers, “catholicteen” of Neptune City, New Jersey (the boyhood home of Jack Nicholson), just two miles from the shore in the east central part of the state, where they took quite a pounding.

Heard from Paul in Atlanta, who told me he got wind of another storm coming on Monday. I'm getting a lot of free vacation time out of this. Maybe I should accomplish something around this house, since I'm probably going to be off for the rest of the week.


I'm still thinking about it.

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