Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dennis Prager: “We Are Our Problem”

According to our speaker in this clip, Pogo was right.

Dennis Prager participated in a question-and-answer session recently at the University of Denver. (You might recognize one of the other panelists, but never mind her.) We have spoken before of the long-term consequences of continuing a Wilsonian foreign policy of preemptive military action. But there is also the reality, that there are things in this world that are worth fighting, and even dying for. Either way you look at it, the warning contained herein bears listening.

Also in this presentation, Prager makes reference to "The American Trinity." For an explanation of what he means, go to a five-minute video presentation to be found at On a related subject, there is a 37-minute address on what is referred to as "American Exceptionalism" at (near the bottom of the page).

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