Friday, October 01, 2010

The Road to Cincinnati

My brother Kevin * lives with his wife and youngest son in a comfortable suburb to the north of Cincinnati. That's where Sal and I are tonight. We took I-68 through West Virginia. They don't have the changing leaves in the Philippines like we have in the States. Between that and cutting through the Appalachians, she was inspired by the call of the open road, and spent a brief interlude at a tourist center imagining the possibilities.

Other than that, the trip went without incident. Too bad for her I don't own a Harley, ano? **

*   Not his real name. He's shy.

** In Tagalog, roughly equivalent to when Canadians end their sentences with "eh?"

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the Egyptian said...

Maybe Ohio is calling you to come home and rest from your wearying life, come rest and renew, welcome home friend