Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Return to Springfield

We didn't have much of our own to contribute to the Homer Simpson story earlier today. But somehow we caught the attention of Brittany McIntyre of, who was kind enough to bring this video to our attention. is “a multi-source online video news site that monitors, analyzes and presents the world’s news coverage.” We here at mwbh welcome anyone who endeavors to do that in an enlightened and balanced manner, and from what we can tell, this site holds great promise.

That said, it should be observed that L’Osservatore Romano enjoys a certain amount of journalistic independence from the Holy See. They have been a little reckless on more than one occasion in recent years, and efforts at clarification from on high must occasionally be brought to bear. This story has given rise, not only to how religion is portrayed in the popular culture, but to how religion is reported. At a time when the journalistic establishment is often challenged in reporting on religious issues, in a manner that does justice to the subject, we want to recommend two sources to those who seek recourse to the real deal. This is not only for internet-based journalists, but for you as well, dear reader.

Thomas Peters of American Papist offers insights into the American political scene, as the setting for the spreading of the Catholic message in the public square, with a special emphasis on pro-life issues. His blog is also affiliated with, which has been effective in going beyond partisan political lines to educate its Catholic readers, and the general public as well.

Father John Zuhlsdorf of What Does The Prayer Really Say? (WDTPRS) is an astute observer of the inner workings of the Church, having worked in the Vatican himself. When not picking apart the official texts used in Catholic worship, so as to enlighten the reader on the meaning therein, he fields many questions about Catholic teaching and practice, as well as how things work (and don't always work) in the halls of the Roman Curia. The UK's Catholic Herald had good reason to name Father Z as "the world's most powerful Catholic blogger."

By the way, I've been known to hit the bulls-eye with this particular target on more than one occasion, if I do say so myself (and hey, I think I just did). So, bless your heart, Brittany, and thanks for stopping by. Anything we can do to help, just stay tuned, and stay in touch.

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