Thursday, October 14, 2010


Amidst the growing readership of man with black hat, there are very few readers from the state of Connecticut. Wait, make that NO readers from the state of Connecticut.

Maybe I rubbed one Nutmegger the wrong way. Maybe I rubbed all Nutmeggers the wrong way. (No, that's not a pejorative; they really call themselves that.) I suppose one of these days I'll have a chance to visit that fair state for a sample of their hospitality. I hear the pizza in the Town of Mystic is to die for! I haven't been to Connecticut in about seven years. The people were nice enough back then. Of course, I was visiting my cousin, and he wasn't even a native.

There must be something. Hmmm ....

UPDATE: Congratulations to Storrs Mansfield and Enfield, Connecticut, for breaking the curse.

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