Friday, October 08, 2010

My Final Solution

When my folks settled in Milford, Ohio, in the summer of 1957, they registered at the local parish, Saint Andrew's. Seeing that no spaces were available in the parish cemetery just outside of town, they obtained plots at the archdiocesan Gate of Heaven Cemetery, located several miles to the northwest. A few years ago, some spaces opened up. Something about a discovery that some plots were empty. Or something. So two days ago, I purchased a spot for myself, at the only logical resting place for me, the one on consecrated ground, in the place where I used to roam free as a boy.

The manager of the cemetery was good enough to show me around the place, and to help me select the perfect spot. The first image shows where David Ziegenhardt, my old pal and garage band mate from grade school, is buried. I will be buried just to the right of that image. Behind his spot is that of Donald Liming, another grade school classmate, who served with the Marines in Vietnam. Not far from my plot is the burial place of Murray Malarkey, a sales associate for Procter & Gamble, and a close friend and associate of my dad. Also nearby is dear old Mrs Cooper, the devoted cook of the parish school cafeteria, who died peacefully in her sleep many years ago.

Both of my classmates died under tragic circumstances, and Deo volente, they have found peace here. May I find it here as well. Until the resurrection on the last day, may I be in good company.

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the Egyptian said...

Maybe Ohio is calling you to come home and rest from your wearying life, come rest and renew, welcome home friend

10/04/2010 08:27:00 PM

This is NOT the kind of rest I was alluding to David, :)

Nice spot though