Saturday, October 30, 2010


We've been hearing a lot of how this election has been fraught with negative campaigning, of how, if you have a rally and thousands show up, a guy who wants to vote for you stomps on another guy's head, it's your fault. When that happens, a candidate needs to leave such tactics to the professionals -- like the SEIU, for instance.

So today, boys and girls, we're going to learn about civility, and the need for it to return to American politics. And our teacher is a guy with the nerve to use the chump being interviewed in the first video clip, for a spokesman during the last election, and then appoint him deputy press secretary.

The cure for us as a nation, is to return to the good manners of a bygone era, to the year 1800, when men were gentlemen, and women were barefoot and pregnant. Or something. Our case study will be the relationship between two men, our second and third Presidents, who were good friends for much of their lives, and who died on the same day, within hours of one another.

There's talk that the Democrats will do ANYTHING to win this year (as well as bringing international observers from, of all places, the Philippines, where they've had some experience with this sort of thing. Heh.) Fortunately, they won't be doing that at my precinct, as the Democrats have these bourgeois-class liberals in their pockets. Still, I'm curious as to how ordinary Americans, regardless of how they vote, would ever stand for this. We're not talking about the occasional voting machine on the fritz, or a hanging chad here and there. We're talking about an orchestrated effort to steal an election.

And if one side can do it ...

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