Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Another Interregnum

As readers may know, I'm a career civil servant -- a graphic designer, by profession -- with the Federal Government in Washington DC. As we approach the end of this calendar year, we reach the midterm of a Presidential term. This is usually the setting for a minor shakeup in the political leadership of the administration, and by extension, the political leadership of the various Federal departments and agencies.

Recently we learned that White House Chief of Staff Raum Emmanuel resigned, to consider a run for Mayor of his beloved Chicago ("... and there was much rejoicing.") As he and certain other key players move on, positions open up, and the process works its way down the food chain. My communications director was no exception, as he/she accepted a position which would represent a step up for him/her. As a career move, it's a no-brainer, and I'm happy for him/her, obviously. But in an administration that was a little late completing the transition process to begin with, this episode represents another "hurry up and wait" period for certain internal decisions which I anticipated possibly working in my favor. The deputy director, who is a career executive and non-political, will likely act with prudence regarding any significant decisions while acting in their stead. I have no effective argument against such a modus operandi, and yet ...

Oh, well, I'm gainfully employed, I will concede, at a time when so many others are not. I never lose sight of that. It's just that I'm the sort of person who cannot accept being average at anything. In effect, they're telling me not to care too much about doing a great job at this point. Or are they?

And so it goes.

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